Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Individual exposed to rabid bat in swimming pool|http://ift.tt/1aVw1LY – Access Atlanta

credit: Getty Images Brown bat (This is not the actual bat). Health authorities said a person could have been subjected to a bat that examined positive for rabies at a South Carolina swimming pool. Officials stated the individual believed the bat was a fallen leave in the pool and also chose the pet up using their bare hands on July 15. >> > > Read more trending tales. Baseding on health and wellness officials, there was no obvious evidence that the sufferer was bitten or scratched by the bat, however bat attacks are usually difficult to recognize as bat teeth are so tiny. It's the fifth pet to test favorable for rabies this year in York County. "Individuals frequently improperly associate bats with rabies," said Sandra Craig of DHEC's Bureau of Environmental Wellness Solutions. "Bats are a fundamental part of South Carolina's ecosystems and be worthy of a healthy level of respect similar to all wild pets. You cannot tell that a bat, or any other pet, has rabies by just checking out it. Rabies needs to be confirmed in a lab.". According to Craig, "Rabies indication in bats include daytime activity, lack of ability to fly, approachability and location. Rabies should be presumed if bats are discovered in position they are not normally seen like in your home or on your lawn. Never ever handle a bat or any kind of wild or stray pet, active or dead, with your bare hands.". "Crazed bats have been known to send the virus to people and also pets," stated Craig. "Individuals - particularly children - sometimes do not recognize they've been attacked and also it is very simple to overlook a bat bite considering that bat teeth are so tiny. If you find a bat in an area, an outdoor tents or a cabin where a person has been sleeping or where ignored youngsters have been playing, constantly presume the bat could possibly have attacked the sleeping individual or the ignored youngsters. Bats that have the prospective to have touched with people, their pet dogs or animals need to be securely caught in a secured container and also not touched; call your neighborhood DHEC BEHS workplace to report the case.". To read more on the best ways to safely catch a bat, kindly go to the CDC's web site. Trending on Facebook. More preferred and also trending tales. Even more Information Headlines.

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